Who is David Maddock?

David is just an ordinary guy, but as he likes to tell people,

"I'm not gifted, I have an ability which I have managed to open up to. An ability that I believe we all have within us.”

David has been on national TV and featured in some of the UK's top and well-known magazines
David has now become one of the UK's Psychics for celebrities,

" I don't really mention this, or who the celebrities are, as I appreciate everyone's privacy, celebrity or not, If they promote my work great, if not, well, it doesn't make any difference to me, A lot of celebrities prefer to keep this all quiet which I am happy with"  

David's diary of live events is constantly expanding. Now leading David into some of the UK's biggest theatres and venues.David is also good friends with some of the world's most respected mediums. More recently David qualified as a meditation teacher and that has opened up an additional facet to his work running workshops and development groups. As it stands at the moment, the world really seems to be David's oyster and he's so grateful.

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and helping me achieve my dreams. I’m so grateful and I wouldn't be where I am today without you all. So a big loving thank you, and I wish you the most adventurous loving blessed journey.”

how did David get on this path?

"Now that I have a better understanding of what I am capable of, I can look back on my life and I see things in a totally different perspective.”

David Maddock started his journey at the age of 16. Now in his early 30's he has dedicated half of his life accepting and understanding his "ability". Over time David has realised the importance of the work that he does. He has a genuine desire to help people connect with loved ones, and taking nothing for granted, he is appreciative of the opportunity to use his special talent to benefit others.

David finally got the opportunity to go to a psychic fayre at the age of 16. He says ‘opportunity’ as prior to that, his mom, (Maxine Maddock), had always stopped him saying that he should wait until he was old enough to really understand what it was all about. Maxine used to delve into tarot cards herself, but purely as a hobby. David always felt pulled to the cards but was never allowed to mess with them, well at least while his mother was there.

"I always remember sneaking into my mom and dad's room to read the book that she had about them, and also study the notes that she had written about the cards special meanings for her. I would also spend time playing with the tarot cards themselves."

When David saw the psychic angel card reader at the fayre, she smiled at him and said, "you've finally made it to a reader.” David carried on the conversation with excitement only to realise upon reflection that before she said this he had never actually told her anything about himself. He picked some cards and the reader told David that he would help many people in life and be a huge success on the spiritual path. David, being a young teenager at the time, took the reading with a pinch of salt, regardless of how much this message excited him, He just thought it must be something all psychics say. Well he could not have been more wrong, not realising at the time that those words would come true and change his life.

David led the life of a typical teenager. He went on dates, made many new friends and liked a drink at the weekend. He really was, and still is a "normal" lad.

When David reached 17 he went to see another angel card reader, But this time the reinforced message confused him. The lovely lady told David ”you're meant to be on the spiritual path, you have a gift to help so many.” All David remembers from the whole reading was that one sentence. It played on his mind all the way home, but again, still unsure what to make of it he took it with a pinch of salt.

“I'm just David, the regular lad from Tipton. How could I help people.?”

Many months later a friend of David's was hosting readings from an angel card reader at his house. There weren't any appointments left, but David had a strange feeling that he was destined be there.

"I just knew I should be there, and I said a small prayer on my own just saying that if I was meant to be there, then make it happen.”

One hour before the lady arrived David got the call to say that someone had pulled out so he could now go. David was excited, and just knew that there should be a message for him, but he had no idea what that message would be. Once in front of the reader, the message was similar to those he had previously received.”David I feel you've been told before that you’re highly gifted. You are here to help people. You belong on the spiritual path.”

This was the wake-up call that connected David to the spirit world and he immediately went home and started telling his mom things about his nan who he had never even met.

David also started to go to ‘open circle’ at his spiritual church. From here, David realised that he something special to offer people. David went as often as he could, but he also started to develop his ability at home using basic meditation techniques.

"I never used to see spirits the way most people did at open circle. It was more like a rush of energy, another force coming into my aura and from there, I just new who it was and where I was going with it"

Although David no longer attends circle he will always be grateful for the help and experience he gained there. Over time David has been helped by many people along his spiritual path.

”To all those that helped me from the very start, no matter how small you believe your contribution may have been, you have helped me in someway. So may I say from the bottom of my heart I'm grateful, and I appreciate everyone who has helped me on my journey"

Do readings affect your private Life?

David says it really was very hard living his life in his early to mid-twenties.

"I was just so scared and nervous as to what people would think of me. I just wanted to be "normal" and fit in with everyone. I found this so hard, but I knew the time would come when I would show the world who I really am”

David never told people about his ability, If they knew, they knew. If not it was something that he would not bring up in conversation. David still follows the principle now that if your interested in readings or the spiritual path you'll find that side of him, but if not, he is still ‘just David’, a grounded and nice guy.

"I don't go around forcing my beliefs onto people, I do what I do, and believe what I believe. If you’re reading this then you’re meant to for a reason, and I hope it's due to the fact that you like the spiritual side of life. Alternatively, you maybe asking yourself the question, is there more to life than the psychical body? What i don't understand is, this. I respect the sceptics, they have their beliefs and I have mine. But why on occasion do they bombard me with abuse, that I'll never understand, especially when it’s something I would never do to them"

"Love, Light & Blessings to you all" David Maddock

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