Hello and welcome to my events page. Here you will find details of where I will be performing next as well as links that will enable you to purchase tickets to these events. Having filmed ‘Game of Attraction’ last year for Made TV, presenting and picking up the energies of the contestants, could I now connect with any energies around you?

I’m very passionate & sincere about this work, I approach each of my events with utmost respect to you all as I pass on messages by connecting with loved ones for you. I totally understand that everyone who comes to my events wishes to get that comfort, knowing that your loved ones are in spirit and watching over you. However due to the amount of attendees it is impossible for me to make connections for everyone on the night, also it would take up so much time and drain my energy. So in order to try to give something to everyone I now add a meditation breathing exercise at the start and end of my events. This will help you to learn how to remove the negativity that we all encounter in our day to day lives. Also I intend to throw some surprises into my shows, so keep your eyes peeled for these .

Well I hope I get to see you soon at one of my many events, tickets and information can be found below

Blessings to you on your journey

“I want EVERYONE to leave my events with a little something, not just the people who I connect for“… Love, Light & Blessings to you all” – David Maddock

The Mount Hotel 28th March 2019 “Connections tour”