A reading, or ‘connection,’ as David likes to call it, is where he will tune into the spirit world and connect you with your passed loved ones. He not only tunes into their spirit energy, but also yours (Psychic intuition). The sittings with David, will use up a lot of his energy, as well as yours, so being patient and open minded is imperative for your sitting. This will help you get the best reading (Connection) that David can    possibly give to you

During the process of your reading, David will always follow his own intuition giving you all the information he receives, In a loving, down to earth, passionate way. Not only that, but if he feels drawn to the cards or, if they have been requested beforehand, he will use them as well.

Group readings can be arranged, but David requests that all participants are related, or at least trying to connect to the same family member(s). Due to David’s busy schedule, it is not always possible for you to physically meet up with him in person, however, you can now arrange a sitting via video link (Skype, WhatsApp video, etc) all from the comfort from your own home. Just state in the email subject header, your preference (See below)

Time is precious and important to us all, which David fully understands and appreciates, so it’s best that you allocate plenty of time. As David cannot put a finite duration on your sitting,

please allocate at least 30 to 60 minutes for your reading


A sitting with David can be arranged via the booking form or via email

Please put as your subject header one of the options below




Please don’t forget to leave your name, contact email and phone number


Keep up to date with David’s ‘connections’ tour on the events page’. He would love to see you there

Please be aware that due to the growing demand on David’s time, he cannot, unfortunately, guarantee that he will be able to respond to all of his emails. Neither will David be able to guarantee you an appointment, but he will try his utmost best, to make this happen

book to see David 

“Thank you for your interest in making a booking to see me. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for your support and your patience, love, light, blessings to you all” - David Maddock