What to expect when you come to my live events. First, please don’t have any prior expectations, I say leave these at the door as you arrive. I mean that with the utmost respect to you, I really do. But time and time again people come expecting their mom, dad, nan, grandad to come through then “uncle Bob” connects with you and you’re left with this feeling of disappointment.  This is something I don’t want for you at all, it’s not what I’m here to do. My objective I feel, is to bring you comfort and relief and share my belief that there is more to us than these physical bodies that we “drive” as I like to say.

Anyway, back to point. All spirit energies, that I work with come through with love. So, if you wish to hear constantly that they “Love you” then nine times out of ten I tend not to say such things. That’s just purely because they connect through love and I don’t feel it essential to say this.  

Now, if “uncle Bob” does comes through, you may initially feel disappointed. Well please don’t, you should just appreciate his presence. For as I always say, I can’t pick and choose who I connect with, but my ten years or more of developing and doing numerous events and readings, has taught me that the one person you didn’t expect to hear from may bring through other loved ones on the other side.

Once we make that connection, it’s the most amazing feeling. The love and energy I feel for you and helping you to have this moment with loved ones just thrills me. I just really love achieving this and love being able to help you through their messages.

With my connections, I try my best to go deeper into things they show me (spirit energy) I try to investigate and give the most accurate details that I can.

All my readings/connections are done with love and I like to think of myself as very honest and down to earth, and I really care about the work I do.

So, if you wish to know what I’m all about? What the other side might have to show me for you? Or answer any questions that you may have? Come along and see for yourself. Have a loving, happy life’s journey .

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