Welcome to my new blog.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Where I’ll be telling you all about what I’ve been up to, what’s in line for me in the future, and the filming of the brand new show game of attraction exclusive on Made TV…

But before I start can I just apologise for lack of recent Blogs. I’ve been very busy so I do apologise. Fingers crossed i’ll keep my blogs up to date and post more frequently on my NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE. Have you had a browse yet? Take a look at all the new features and details of my events, workshops and much more. Also to me, one of the biggest positive features is, you can now buy tickets and book things online via my website. I really hope this feature helps many of you with any ticket purchases.

While on the subject of my brand new redesigned website! I want to give a huge thank you to the amazing couple Dan and Rebecca who made this happen. They really are amazing people and I cannot fault. their work. They have done such a great job I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to them for the work and effort they have put into getting my website just how I’d like it. If your a new business or wish to start a new website or re design an existing one then I cannot recommend them enough! Check them out www.eighty3.co.uk . You won’t regret it I can assure you ;)…

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So let’s get to it. What have I, David Maddock been up to these past few months. Well I have been totally flat out, and I’ve loved every minute!!

I recently started running a 4 week basic course on meeting your guides and meditation. This course I truly believe couldn’t have gone any better. The people who came to join, were lovely and the venue Auraveda Kinver was amazing, just everything was perfect. I loved every minute and I seriously cannot wait to get the next workshop/course up and running asap. I’m in the process as we speak of putting classes together to bring to you. Nice and easy classes, no pressure, something you can enjoy and you will I’m sure. I like to keep things simple and help you understand in simple terms what I’m trying to teach. You’re always welcome to give your input, you’re there to progress on your life’s path not to be dictated to. So keep eyes peeled for new workshops coming up very soon. Get yourself down to the gorgeous angel shop in Kinver Auraveda you won’t be disappointed.

So you’ve probably noticed via all my social media that I’ve been on TV! Yes I’ve been filming for the exclusive show, only on made TV, m clubs game ofattraction. What an amazing experience I’ve had and i’ve had just the best time of my life on set working alongside the lovely Yvie Burnett and the great presenter for made in Birmingham George Hancorn. It was a pleasure and honour to be alongside them on my first real TV experience! So professional and helpful, I can’t thank them enough. The whole Made TV team behind the scenes were a pleasure to work with and I just felt part of the show the moment we all first met. It’s crazy to think of all the work and effort that went into this show…

My role as a psychic medium was to see if I can pick up the energy’s (auras) of the contestants and on a deep level see if they genuinely do have this real spark or connection or is it just put on for TV and a bit of fame? Doing this kind of thing was all new to me in the sense of being filmed, but I just found a new strength within me come out to fight off any nerves that I may have had working with such big personalities as part of the show. I like to think I was as professional as I could be. I think i’ve met a new guide who guided me on this journey which i’ll talk about more another time. I hope it comes across for you to enjoy and give people a bit of an insight into the world of David Maddock.

I’d arrive on set probably earlier than most as I was so keen and I was enjoying it that much. Being on set would consist of 12 to 14 hours per day and I could have happily been there even longer if allowed. Just being hands-on, seeing the setup and having a feel for m club was a must for me. I took this role very seriously and I did my best to get connected to the contestants as best as I could. I would wake up, shower and get straight back out to be on set. Before filming took place I would meditate, give my blessings and then connect with my guides to start.

I don’t want to spoil any parts of the show but I believe you will see love form, and plenty of live characters come out their shells. Working with Yvie and George, well that was truly a blessing. My guides couldn’t of put me in a better place to work along side such lovely amazing people. I’ll always be grateful to them for all the help they give me then and even now. We remain in touch and it will stay that way.

So what’s the future looking like for me now? Things are looking great. More venues, more workshops and more readings. I really feel blessed in life right now. This week I’ll be attending a Halloween party so keep a look out for my outfit which I must say I’m very excited about.

I give a thank you to my family and friends, Yvie Burnett, George Hancorn, Dan and Rebecca, Bob Sanderson Mark Bos and everyone from the made TV network.

And a thank you to you for the love and support you give me on this journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it, so thank you. Blessings to you all have a safe loving journey David Maddock #blessingstoyouall

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